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Visit Just Encase Escape Games -- One of the newest escape rooms in Florida!

Being locked in a room with no apparent escape may sound terrifying to some, but escape room enthusiasts and puzzle lovers across the globe will say it’s the perfect opportunity to put your sleuthing skills to the test. If you’ve ever played an in-person escape game, you know they’re right!

Escape rooms in Florida especially have seen a rise in popularity over the years. As of July 2022, Florida had the second highest number of escape rooms in the USA! (Spira) We took a deep dive into Just Encase Escape Games, one of the newest escape rooms in Florida, talked to the owners, and found out exactly what makes this new escape room tick.

Visit Just Encase Escape Games -- One of the newest escape rooms in Florida!

Just Encase Escape Games isn’t like other escape rooms in Florida. When asked, owners Samantha and Tabitha eagerly explained how they got started in the industry and what sets them apart from the rest.

“My wife and I did our first escape room, together, in 2020 and fell in love! We did a few trial runs with friends and family, and jumped right in!”

They went on to say,

“Our home-grown rooms, original themes, and original puzzles are what sets us apart! We aren't a franchise - you won't come across our rooms anywhere else in the world.”

Just Encase Escape Games offers three unique escape rooms with vastly different themes and difficulty ratings, which are detailed below. Before fully jumping in, we wanted to fully understand what to expect from these rooms. We asked the owners to explain their difficulty ratings, since not all escape rooms offer a system like theirs. Here's what they said:

"Our difficulty rating system is fairly straightforward. We measure the rooms based on quantity of puzzles, simplicity of puzzles and their steps, and the escape rate among all players. We use our rating system to ensure players can pick the room best suited to their experience level! Though, all of our rooms can be completed thanks to our unlimited clues!"

Sounds simple enough to us!


Crumby Heist

Difficulty Rating: Novice

The first escape room listed on Just Encase Escape Game’s website is Crumby Heist, and all we can say is, this escape room is delicious! Set inside a reimagined Hansel and Gretel story, your goal is to find the wicked witch’s secret jewels before she returns! The difficulty of this room is rated as “Novice,” and the overall theming and style hint at a wonderfully sweet (yet delightfully intense) adventure for the whole family. Even die-hard enthusiasts won’t want to miss the chance to add this escape game to their collection. Give Crumb-y Heist a try today!

Read more about Crumby Heist here!


Difficulty Rating: Average

The next escape room listed is Outpatient, and let's just say this one looks intense! Prepare for a heart-pumping mystery surrounding a secretive psychiatrist, a dark room full of strangers, and new, mysterious stitches you didn't have before. Is your curiosity piqued yet? You only have 60 minutes to work together with your team to uncover exactly what is going on before your not-so-friendly captor returns. With a difficulty rating of "Average," this escape room is challenging, but playable – thrilling, but rewarding. Do you have what it takes to survive? Read more about Outpatient and book your room here!

86 Bedford Street

Difficulty: Experienced (content might not be suitable for children under 8) Put on your bowler caps and flapper skirts, because the third escape room at Just Encase Escape Games is sending you to 1926! You and your posse have received an invitation to attend the hottest club in Manhattan, but upon arrival it quickly becomes apparent that you and your group have been set up! The infamous Marzoni family is at it again. Unless you can crack the codes, discover the secrets, and find the rumored "second exit" before 60 minutes is up, you'll be doomed to take the fall, and the Marzoni family will go free. With a difficulty rating of "Experienced," the challenge is exciting but some content might not be suitable for a younger crowd.

Read more about 86 Bedford Street here!


In summary, escape rooms in Florida will never be the same, thanks to the efforts of Samantha and Tabitha at Just Encase Escape Games. Bringing dedication, creativity, and their own one-of-kind spin to the escape room industry, these do-it-themselves owners have proven that passion and discipline pay off! In this case, in a remarkably entertaining way. At Just Encase Escape Games, you can expect intricate storytelling, never-before-seen puzzles, unlimited hints, and a tailored difficulty rating sure to keep you coming back again and again. Here's one last heartfelt parting shot from the owners:

"[these escape rooms] are built by our hands. We poured all of our hearts into making our rooms - and we believe it shows."

So now we ask you: what are you waiting for? It's time for a game!


Find out more about Just Encase Escape Games here:

To book tickets click here



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