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Odds & Ends

2-6 Players


*Private Bookings

$32.99 Per Person

60 Minutes

Difficulty: Average

You and your group of friends find yourselves in a desolate and decaying city, once a thriving hub of activity, proven barren by a natural disaster. As you explore the ruins, you stumble upon a perfectly intact shop nestled amidst the wreckage. Its vibrant sign reads "Odds & Ends," standing out against the bleak backdrop. Intrigued by this anomaly, you allow your curiosity to win and you enter cautiously, knowing that secrets await.

Once inside, You discover a puzzling adventure that could whirlwind into something earth-shattering. It becomes apparent that this place is more than a shop: it's a guise for something much more significant. The question that consumes your thoughts is: "why does this shop remain untouched when everything else has crumbled to dust?" Who owns it, and where are they? Better hurry, you know what they say about curiosity...

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